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USA Classic Customs has been building and repairing classic trucks since the early 1980’s. Located in Phoenix, Arizona we enjoy taking on restoration projects and doing repairs to help keep these timeless trucks running and driving generations to come. We are a full-service restoration company that does everything in-house. Whether you own a classic truck that was passed down from a family member, or you are just an enthusiast who wants something built for an investment, we are the shop for you.  

We have built, repaired, fabricated and painted classic trucks that have won many awards. Some owners have turned down many hundreds of thousands of dollars for their rides. When you allow USACC to restore your classic truck you can rest easy that we treat every vehicle like it is our own. We do not cut any corners and refuse to do “hack” job repairs or builds.

Our technicians have worked on and owned multiple classic trucks over the years. Metal fabrication is one of our specialties and it shows in some of the projects we have worked on and completed in the past. We have fabricated parts and body panels that no longer exist or cannot be purchased for multiple projects. Take a look at some of our photos and see for yourself, if you can dream it we can create and build it!

35 Years In The Industry

The love and appreciation we have had for 3 generations working on classic trucks over the past 35 years continues today. From the inception of USACC we have always had a passion, creativity, talent, and the nostalgia for old trucks. Coming from Detroit (The Motor City) it was always about the trucks with performance, horsepower, paint, custom wheels and tires. Growing up in Detroit being around my father who was a journeyman metal fabricator I would watch as he would shape, bend and roll metal panels like a true artist. We have been at our main location on Cave Creek Rd. in Phoenix since 1982. Your truck could be the next to join the USACC community in a long list of satisfied customers. Stop in and see why we are the preferred repair shop for Hagerty insurance.

Our Services

Full-service auto restoration and care. We’ll even transport your vehicle for you.

Creative Design / Rendering

Our designer can help you design a dream vehicle that can be passed down for generations, and with the renderings we do the customer knows exactly what the finished product will look like.

Paint & Graphics

Paint will make or break your vehicle and we have one of the most talented painters around. We exceed others in not only complete paint jobs but our artist can achieve what sets your vehicle apart from all the others.

Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is an art and our fabricators can make most, if not all, panels or parts that anyone can dream. We have some of the best fabricators that enjoy creating one of a kind vehicles.


The technicians at USA Classic Customs wire all complete builds to make sure the wiring is done properly. We can repair or completely rewire your entire vehicle depending on your needs.

Rust Repair

Rust on any classic truck is a cancer that continues to spread unless completely removed. Our techs have removed and replaced many rusty panels over the last 35 years in the business.

Gap Alignment

We use gauges to gap all the bolted panels to the body of your classic truck. Proper gap alignment on a vehicle will make your classic look better than when it was factory new.

Frame Straightening

Our certified technicians use the Car-O-Liner frame rack for any frame repair that need to be straightened within millimeters of factory specs, for proper wheel and suspension alignment.

Chroming & Polishing

Many times, properly polishing existing parts can look just as good as freshly chromed pieces on your vehicle. We work with some of the top polishing and chroming shops in the United States.

Towing & Transporting

If you need your classic truck towed, let us know. We will recommend a quality licensed towing company that will treat your vehicle as their own.

Classic Truck Projects


1937 Diamond T Deluxe

1 of 6 known to exist in the USA, we did a complete restoration to this timeless classic

1968 Ford Bronco

1968 Ford Bronco

We repaired all the panels and painted this entire bronco. USACC also replaced the seals and other exterior parts


1955 Ford F100

Complete ground up restoration including 427IR ROUSH Performance engine, metal fabrication with full chassis and custom leather interior!


1986 Toyota Landcruiser

Complete body and paint restoration including new seals and trim pieces.


1955 Chevrolet 3100

We repainted/air brushed some of the flames where paint had been removed and cleared

2005 Chevrolet SSR

2005 Chevrolet SSR

Fabricated front, rear and side panels and pieces, then complete paint



In addition to complete builds, we are the preferred repair shop for Hagerty Insurance in Phoenix and can restore your classic truck from accidents, fire, and other damage.
We put great attention to detail to make your classic truck just like new! Contact Us or Get An Estimate Right Now.

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