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A paint job can make or break any vehicle no matter how much time and money was invested during the build. You can have the best of the best under the hood, suspension, and inside the cab but the paint job is the first thing someone looks at when walking up to the vehicle. At USACC we only use high-end paints and clears and give a lifetime warranty for as long as the customer owns the vehicle. Our reputation and quality of work speaks for itself with the number of satisfied and repeat customers we have had over the past 35 years.

Every paint color has several different colors mixed together to create the final product we spray. Our painter is an expert when it comes to color matching existing paint on a vehicle; an art that takes many years of experience. We do multiple spray out test panels for each individual car or truck and adjust for that perfect color match.

The quality of the primer, sealer, color is integral in achieving a quality paint job. All products used on any vehicle need the ability to bond and seal to the body so the paint job will last a lifetime.  Painting the vehicle is only about 20% of the labor it takes to get a show quality paint job. Prepping a classic car or truck is one of the most important things we do to make your vehicle shine. We block each paint job 5 times with long boards (depending on the size of the panels) to make the finished product as straight as possible. Stop by our shop and learn about our process while checking out the quality of work we do for our customers. 

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35 Years In The Industry

The love and appreciation of working on classic vehicles spans three generations for over 35 years. From the inception of USACC we have always had passion, creativity, talent, and the nostalgia for old classics. Originally from Detroit, (The Motor City) our mission has always been about the builds with performance, horsepower, paint, custom wheels and tires. Growing up in Detroit, spending endless hours with my father who was a journeyman metal fabricator, I would watch as he would shape, bend and roll metal panels like a true artist. Our main location has been on Cave Creek Rd. in Phoenix since 1982. Your car or truck could be the next to join the USACC community in a long list of satisfied customers. Stop in and see why we are the preferred repair shop for Hagerty insurance.

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